Are you recovering from surgery

Are you recovering from surgery

Getting back to normal after an operation with Endlesslife

Don’t be surprised if you feel very tired when you get home, especially if you’ve had a major operation or a general anaesthetic.

It’s important to move around as soon as possible after surgery and follow your doctor’s advice on getting active again. This will encourage your blood to flow and your wounds to heal, and will build up strength in your muscles. We Help!

We generally, try to get you back into your regular routine as soon as possible. And advise most to use this as an opportunity to make a fresh start: to eat more healthily, start exercising to stay in shape, and stop smoking if you smoke.

If you have a dressing on the area operated on, follow the instructions our nurse gives you and care for your wound at home.

Your doctor will have given you an idea of how long it’ll take to get back to normal.

As a rough guide, it’ll take you about a week to recover from a simple operation such as gallbladder removal, and a few months to recover from a major operation such as a hip replacement.

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