Care Ethics

Staff should empower clients – not do everything for them
The support workers role is to assist clients to achieve their goals through guidance and encouragement – but not by doing all the work for them. When workers do things for a client that the client can do for themselves, they may be denying the individual the opportunity to learn and the satisfaction of completing a task. Everyone is capable of solutions and the support worker should not imply or try to enforce that their solution or way of doing this is the right / best way.
There is a line between work and home life for staff
Community Service workers can burn out very quickly – if they don’t recognize where work ends and where personal life begins. Care staff should always respect working hours, and not work outside of these. This ensures the worker is taking care of themselves, and in turn being effective in their role. The client needs to respect this line and refrain from wanting – or accepting any offers of – further contact with a staff member outside their rostered hours. This also includes the client or their family members having access to workers personal phone number