Common questions about live-in care

Wondering if a live-in caregiver is right for you? Here are answers to commonly asked questions, which tells the story of one client’s experience with her live-in caregiver. Please call us for more information at 011-454-1393

Q: I would rather stay at home than move to an institution, but worry about having a stranger in my house.
A: At EndlessLife Services, finding a good personal match for you is at least as important as finding a caregiver with home care training. We find that in many cases the caregiver and client develop a friendship meaningful to both and the issue of “privacy” is easily resolved.

Q: What does a live-in caregiver do?
A: Our live-in program offers the safety and comfort of knowing that someone is nearby around the clock. The live-in caregivers also know they have immediate access to a nurse at EndlessLife Services when your condition changes in any way. They assist you with all your personal care needs. Just as important, though, our caregivers can take care of all those things that are part of your daily life, from running errands and preparing food to replacing lightbulbs and sewing on buttons. The live-in caregiver will be a companion for you as well, who will share the activities that you enjoy, whether cards or reading or watching TV.

Q: Is the live-in caregiver a nurse?
A: It’s rare for a client to need the expense of a trained nurse as caregiver. Most EndlessLife live-in caregivers are certified and experienced in home care, and all are carefully screened and bonded. They are trained to call EndlessLife Services whenever they have a concern about a client’s condition. EndlessLife Services is nurse-owned and managed and our focus is first and foremost on our clients’ health.

Q: What are my responsibilities?
A: When you have a live-in caregiver in your home, you provide them with a comfortable, private place to sleep at night, and meals—for which they will shop and cook, if you wish.

Q: I’m not sure I can supervise someone working in my home.
A: Supervision remains EndlessLife Services’ responsibility, not yours. We are in contact with our caregivers, and you and your family, on a regular basis to see how things are going. If you want to replace the caregiver for any reason we will do so, at no extra cost, until you are completely satisfied.

Q: What happens at night, when I’ve gone to bed?
A: At the end of the day it’s the live-in caregiver who helps you into bed, and makes sure you are comfortable for the night. The caregiver, who sleeps in your home, is there for your safety and is available when you need assistance during the night, such as walking to the bathroom.

Q: My parent is chronically ill, and sometimes can be difficult to get along with. Is this something a live-in care giver can handle?
A: As trained and experienced caregivers, our workers understand how to relate to both clients and their families, so that they can be of the most help. We always start with an initial assessment, so that we can provide a live-in caregiver who is the right match for you. And EndlessLife nurses are always available by phone if there is any question or difficulty.

Q: I’m worried about the cost of a live-in caregiver.
A: Live-in care is covered by private pay, or long-term care insurance. Some elderly and disabled people with a limited income may be eligible for home care or supportive services funding. EndlessLife Services can work with you to determine how best to cover the costs of long term care.

Q: How do I arrange for services?
A: Call EndlessLife Services to speak directly with our intake nurse about a free, no-obligation assessment. An in-depth, in-person interview with you and your family will ensure that we can provide the right services for you.

Our friendly staff is available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter when you call, our staff can provide immediate assistance, even in an emergency situation. On 086 172 7732

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