Our Staff

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Caroline Mbi-Njifor, MBA HCM


Chief Executive Officer
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Mbonglen Mbapeh, MBA


Chief Information Officer
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Rose Pineteh, MCS


Family Coordinator
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Nenyasha Dongijena, MBBS




Our Specialists

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Emmah Sekgobela, MBBS


Professional Nurse
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Mispa Zeh, MBBS


Enrolled Nurse

Services List

Services Code Department Extension Number Appointment
   Home Health S005 Frail Care 2231  Fix Appointment
   S001 Nephrology 2244  Fix Appointment
   S002 Ophthalmology/td> 5644  Fix Appointment
   S003 Oncology 6543  Fix Appointment
   S010 Anaesthetist Cardiac 7755  Fix Appointment
   S011 Cardio Thoracic 9934  Fix Appointment
   5566 Gynaecology 2231  Fix Appointment
   S014 Blood Bank 2265  Fix Appointment
   3687 Nephrology 2231  Fix Appointment

Coming Soon – Our Services List.

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