Nurse – led Patient Support

Nurse – led Patient Support

Nurse-led Patient Support

We are leaders in developing and implementing evidence-based, nurse-led patient support programmes that enable patients to make the most of their therapy. This enables efficient use of high value medications ranging from oral oncology to IV enzyme replacement therapy.

Often these therapies have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Address conditions characterised by high burden of disease and unmet need
  • Present adherence challenges for patients
  • Are complex to administer or to titrate
  • Require self-administration or device training and support for patients or carers
  • Require special patient monitoring and reporting outside of the hospital
  • Have special transport and storage requirements

EndlessLife Services function in partnership with referring healthcare professionals by implementing the referring centre’s protocols.

Our nurse teams include:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Enrolled Nurse
  • Auxiliary Nurse

All our clinical staff are trained and assessed according to a robust framework including both behavioural and clinical competencies. Care is provided to agreed protocols and follows relevant best practice guidelines.

We take patient safety seriously. All our nurses carry specialized kits  so that we can treat local emergencies quickly. Staff are also trained on an annual basis in conjunction with other mandatory training.

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