Preventing Hospital Admission

Preventing Hospital Admission

Better clinical, physical and mental support, underpinned by our world-class service helps to reduce the duration and frequency of hospital visits.

Preventing Hospital Admission

Compelling evidence shows that, not only is it up to 80% less expensive to treat patients in the community, it is also strongly preferred by most patients.

We design admission prevention schemes around all conditions and patient groups. Our virtual community wards for example, deliver care, monitoring and support in the community and at home for the management of long-term and/or ambulatory care-sensitive conditions such as angina, asthma, cellulitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, dehydration and gastroenteritis, influenza and pneumonia, hypertension and iron deficiency to name but a few. Our care ensures that hospital is avoided wherever possible.

The aim is to improve co-ordination of services so that unnecessary hospital admissions can be prevented. This goal is achieved by ensuring clear communication between key stakeholders and the smooth transfer of care between providers.

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