The Hospital to Home (H2H) Initiative is a resource for hospitals and cardiovascular care providers committed to improving transitions from hospital to “home” and reduce their risk of federal penalties associated with high readmission rates.

The Hospital to Home Service plan provides clients with a practical assistance and peer support system of discharge from hospital to ensure a smooth transition to home. EndlessLife Services’ mandate is to facilitate a seamless move and ensure there is as little disruption as possible in the discharge process through to home adjustment and settlement. This initiative offers a highly innovative, high impact – low cost model to sustaining families and it reinforces our commitment to


‘Keeping Families Together for Longer’



Our services are tailor-made to suit the health needs of our valued clients through providing a comprehensive health and social care solution where ever the need arises.


Once a referral is submitted indicating that a client is due for discharge we dispatch a professional nurse to assess the client in hospital and to also assess the home environment to ensure the client will be comfortable in the home set up in relation to the health condition.

We facilitate a smooth transition from the hospital to home and do preparatory ground work to ensure the client makes the move with minimal disruption and into an environment prepared to cope with the health situation and geared towards maximizing comfort and recovery. Each transition is accompanied by a Care Plan to ensure probable transfer of skills to a family member or loved one minimizing financial discomfort or any intrusion to the client and the funder.

We work on achieving the patient’s active participation in their own care. Where there are hurdles we offer comprehensive care to ensure they are overcome and the best possible clinical outcomes are ultimately achieved.



  • QUALITY STAFF – We carefully select our nurses, therapists, and caregivers for their skill, knowledge, expertise, and compassionate, professional demeanors.
  • INDIVIDUAL CARE – Upon engagement of our services, each patient is assessed to determine their precise needs. The individual care plan is designed to meet those needs and achieve specific goals.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES – EndlessLife comprehensive array of home-based services includes skilled nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, nutrition counseling, medical social work, behavioral health nursing, as well as mobility and ambulation.
  • SERVICE – At EndlessLife our pledge is to make our clients’ transitional experience as smooth as possible with efficient and responsive service to ensure a smooth move to their most preferred environment.
  • CLIENT ORIENTATION – Our skilled care providers work with patient, families, and physician to identify each patient’s specific needs and goals, allowing them to render consistent and effective care
  • PEOPLE’S PEOPLE – Our team members are compassionate, encouraging, and always respectful of patients and families as well as their cultural and religious needs