ELS Workplace Solution

EndlessLife delivers a comprehensive, holistic health programme in the workplace that takes your business objectives into account. Managing your employees’ health will ensure legal compliance and increase productivity.

Our programmes encourage good health rather than cracking the whip in an attempt to dictate systems to either employers or employees.

  • We are committed to helping our clients optimise their human capital by promoting productivity through improved staff wellness.
  • Primary health is provided by means of the permit system. Employees with acute minor and uncomplicated chronic diseases are treated by professional, medical and nursing practitioners.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to assess their responsibility for the health and well-being of their workforce.

Special requirements included in the legislation such as the Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances (Reg. 1179 of 28 August 1995), and the Mine Health and Safety Act of 1996, have placed the responsibility on employers to provide appropriate occupational health services to their employees.

Occupational health is becoming an increasingly complex field. In a dynamic environment where requirements for occupational health and safety at work are continually evolving, the need for specialist knowledge and understanding of policy, compliance requirements and strategy for effective implementation becomes critical.

Putting quality care and better outcomes within reach.

Having access to on-site care at work can help offset many of the health and wellness challenges your employees face on a daily basis. Convenient access to physicians and care can improve both absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as reduce time away from work. EndlessLife Workplace Programmes integrates with your existing health programs to mitigate the occurrence and progression of chronic conditions for your employees, leading to a healthier overall workforce and reduced overall healthcare costs.

Better care starts at the beginning.

Even the most comprehensive solutions need quality implementation to make them effective. One of the many ways EndlessLife Workplace Programmes supports our clients is with guidance on planning, integration, and analytics. This helps create better health programs, which leads to better health results, and healthier, happier employees. It’s part of our commitment to providing operational excellence to our clients, in pursuit of better outcomes and reduced costs.

Dedicated to clients. Dedicated to achieving results.

By implementing a primary care health center, your employees have trusted clinicians right at the workplace, ensuring consistent and convenient access to quality healthcare services. Through our dedication to clients from implementation, to operation, to reporting and beyond, we are successful for our clients, and we are confident we can be successful for you as well.

Diverse and flexible primary care options:

  • Acute healthcare, symptom treatment and management
  • Health and wellness programs including preventive exams and biometric screenings
  • Allergy injections and disease management
  • Lab work, immunizations, vaccinations and radiology
  • Referral management for specialized treatment programs
  • Travel medicine
  • Executive physicals
  • Women’s healthcare services
  • On-the-job rehabilitation and back-to-work programs
  • Drug screening and collection services
  • On-site emergency response
  • Same-day appointment availability
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  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) It is aimed at planning the recommended medical surveillance programme for the company. The HRA takes note of the level of compliance with the relevant health and safety legislations.
  • Risk Based Medical Surveillance
  • Fit-for-duty Medical Testing
  • Emergency Medical Services
    • management of injuries on duty
    • ambulance services
    • emergency evacuation