Specialist Care

Specialist Care

Our Registered Nurses and Carers have experience in supporting people with challenging and complex conditions, debilitating, degenerative and terminal illness.

  • Key to considering care for a complex condition such as Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s is the first meeting at home.
  • Each situation is different. A personal care programme may start with occasional visits to check on medication or cook meals, and may progress to 24 hour live-in care over a period of time or palliative care. Whatever the life stage of our clients we will provide consistent care, help and advise the individual and their family on the nature of care required as situations change.
  • Appointing the most suitable person, or people, for a long term care relationship is our primary concern from the outset.
  • For many of our clients and their families, our Nurses and Carers have built strong relationships becoming part of their extended family. We are always available to listen, support and advise.
  • We work alongside your doctors, consultants and social services.
  • Retaining a person’s sense of independence, peace of mind and security by remaining in familiar surroundings with a daily routine is proven to beneficial in coping with many conditions.
  • We will do whatever we can to ensure companionship, comfort, self esteem and dignity are maintained for as long as possible, for every person in our care whatever their circumstances.

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