EAP Plus Solution provides policy and systemic Co-Created Solutions, intelligence through data and Technical Expertise, in the area of health and social services, to ultimately address the needs for good health and social care systems


Our portfolio provides Endless Solutions in the following areas:
• Policy involving key populations: Social capital and empowerment approaches
• Tools for strategic planning (Health, social and economic to policy analysis)
• Health and Social systems strengthening: policy (leadership & governance), M&E, HMIS with Geo mapping, health finance
• Public Private Partnerships approaches and methodologies
• Strengthening M&E systems / M&E tools across health and social services
• Program Design and implementation, evaluations across health and social services
• Strategies genuine partnership and country ownership
• Private sector development at the policy and regulatory level as well as strengthening private sector institutions
• Policy development and production, policy continuum
• Applied systems analysis, surveys
• Gender, health and non-health (strategy for mainstreaming)
• Systems, context analysis– we can see the wood for the trees
• Sector strengths – ‘Wellness & Survival’ (Health and G&L), Health Finance, risk and investment modeling
• Quality improvement strategies in health and social services
• Clinical audit in facilities and programme delivery